A significant portion of the activities done in Iran Book House includes publishing books and journals, and offering specialized services on books.
  A. Services: Iran Book House provides a various collection of services for all whom are involved in book publishing industry as follows.
  1. ISBN and ISMN services: ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique and international code for identifying such products as books, educational softwares, and combined media. It is also used by publishers, booksellers, librarians, and retailers for ordering, making lists, keeping sale records, and controlling the supply of books. ISMN (International Standard Music Number) is a unique number (code) for identifying textual musical products. It facilitates the processing and managing bibliographical data for publishing institutions, libraries and trading of musical items. Iran Book House is the official representative of the international ISBN and ISMN agencies and more than 8000 membered publishers use the services of these two systems. These services are also available to publishers at www.isbn.ir.
  2. Book News AgencyIran’s Book News Agency (IBNA) is the first and the only agency news specialized in the field of books, which officially launched in November 15, 2006. Activities done in this agency are aimed at providing first- hand news on books, book-reading and other related issues as book publication, distribution, and graphics. The news supplied by this agency of both national and international events related to such subjects as publications, religion, literature, thought, knowledge & technology, social & political, history & geography, children & youngsters and arts, is published at www.ibna.ir. The news and other items provided by this agency are in Persian, Arabic, English and Spanish.
  3. Literati’s House It is an assembly hall in which meetings in the forms of lectures, panel, and multilateral discussions about the books recently published in Iran are held every day.
  4. Literati’s Services: The following services are provided for the authors:
   4.1. Iran Book House in collaboration with the Artists and Authors Fund and other governmental supports, insures the qualified literati.
   4.2. Artists and Authors Fund Membership. Literati can also register in this Fund from which they can receive loans and other financial supports.
    by receiving this card, literati can receive services such as electronic book card, a free set of journals published by the Iran Book House, and be informed about the future activities of this institute.
  5. Electronic Book Vouchers Replacement of book vouchers with electronic credit cards which was in compliance with giving publication targeted subsidy to real customers has been implemented by Iran Book House with ministry of culture and Islamic guidance support.
B. Products: these include a wide range of cultural productions in different forms such as books, periodicals, CDs, digital products in cyber space. Here is the list of such products:    
  6. Periodical Journals
   6.1. Ketab-e Hafteh (Weekly Book Review): is a weekly publication specialized in the field of book, which is published every week on Saturdays both in electronic and printed forms. It presents news, reports, events and other issues related to books published in previous week. This journal has been published from 1992 on.
    6.2. Ketab-e Mah (Monthly Book Reviews): Iran Book House publishes 9 monthly book review journals on different subjects indented to provide information about or give reviews of the books recently published in Iran. These specialized journals are in the fields of: generalities, religion, literature and philosophy, social sciences, science & technology, history & geography, children & youngsters, and arts. Materials offered by these series of journals include book-reviews, news, reports and other various items such as a list of recently published books in each month, their cover images, and a short introductory note about them. These journals are as follows:
    1. Ketab-e Mah-e Kolliyat (Generalities): publishes reviews on the recently published books in different fields of bibliographies, library and information sciences, news media, journalism, publication, manuscripts, and so on.
    2. Ketab-e Mah-e Adabiyat (Literature): presents reviews on the recently published books in such related areas as literature and language. It also publishes original research articles dealing with Persian and foreign literature and linguistics.
    3. Ketab-e Mah-e Din (Religion): reviews on books about religion which have recently been published are presented by this journal. It covers different religions and related subjects of theology.
    4. Ketab-e Mah-e Olom-e Ejtamaei (Social Sciences): covers reviews on the newly published books of social sciences which may include some related subjects like political sciences, law, economics, social affairs, customs and culture, etc.
    5. Ketab-e Mah-e Olom va Fonon (Science and Technology): this also, contains reviews on the books dealing with such subjects as natural sciences, mathematical and applied sciences including mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, medicine, engineering, agriculture, management and related fields.
    6. Ketab-e Mah-e Honar (Arts): contains reviews on the books concerned with the field of arts such as: designing, architecture, imaginative arts, decorative arts, painting, photography, music, cinema, and sports.
    7. Ketab-e Mah-e Tarikh va Goghraphi (History & Geography): it provides reviews on the books dealing with history and geography including general geography, chronicles of Iran’s and world history, while prioritizing the histories of Iran and Islam, and the geography of Iran and adjacent countries.
    8. Ketab-e Mah-e Koudak va Nojavan (Children and Youngsters): contains reviews of books in different subjects about children and teenagers which have recently been published.
    9. Ketab-e Mah-e Phalsafe (philosophy): includes reviews on the published books about old and new philosophies, ethics, logic, ontology, etc. Anybody can easily access these monthly book reviews at www.ketabmah.ir.
    6.4. Bibliographies and Guidebooks
    6.4.1. Iran Publication Directory:is a guidebook of names, addresses and other information details about institutes and enterprises related to book-publication in Iran. The first version of this book entitled A Guide to Iranian Publishers was released in 1996. From then on it has been published regularly every year, and now in addition to information on publishers and booksellers in Iran, this directory covers information on printing houses, bookbinders, lithographers, distribution centers, electronic publishers, paper companies, electronic book-sellers, representative of foreign publishers, designers & graphists, and book illustrators. In the last few years, more than 12000 records have been published in more than 800 pages. It has also a CD concluded, containing software and content of this book.
    7. Other Products
    7.1. Books: Iran Book House is also published more than 50 books related to such specialized areas as library and information science, theoretical issues related to book publication, legal terms of publication and topics of book enterprise.
    7.2. Compact Discs Iran Book House has so far published some compact discs, containing software and data banks, as follows:
    • Katibeh: is a software disc containing information on more than 56000 books published from 1991 to 2010. It provides detailed information about these books including title, author, Dewey No., subject, a short introductory note, a color image of the covers, publication details (publisher, place and date of publication, number of pages, size, type of cover, price, and ISBN). This software has also the facilities of search and print.
    • Book-fair Information: a software disc containing information about books and publishers presented at the International Book Fair of Tehran which is held every year in April. A new version of this disc is issued each year for the book fair of that same year.
     • Publication Reference: a software version of the book by the same title. It has complete information about people, companies, enterprises, and workhouses related to book-publication industry such as publishers, booksellers, printing work owners, lithographers, and other such professions throughout Iran. It is also equipped with a search engine and printable output files.


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