Khaneh Ketab (Iran Book House)

      Khaneh Ketab (Iran Book House) founded in 1993, aims at providing information services on the books published in Iran. it’s website,, was also established later in 1998 in order to make information on the books accessible to users.
     In addition to the books and publishers databases, various cultural services are offered such as publishing book review journals, holding important cultural ceremonies including selecting Islamic Republic of Iran's Book of the Year, Islamic Republic of Iran's Book of the Season, Parvin Etesami literary award, Jalal Al-Ahmad literary award, book criticism, and finally First-step Literary Award. Besides such literary ceremonies, various services are offered to those interested and involved in book enterprise, some of which are: Iranian Book News Agency (the only specialized news agency on books and related fields in Iran) ISBN and ISMN services, insurance services for literati and holding meetings in literati's house.


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