Cultural Ceremonies and Awards

      A large portion of the activities of the Book House is devoted to cultural-oriented services such as holding national festivals, and offering prizes to affairs related to book and book-reading, all intended to enhance book-reading inclination and studying impetus. Some of such activities are:
   1. Islamic Republic of Iran’s Book of the Year
Selection of Islamic republic of Iran’s Book of the Year is one of the most important events in the field of book. Historically, this event dates from 1955. It was not, however, held during 1970s but was revived in 1983. from which date it has been uninterruptedly conducted very year in February, offering valuable prizes to the authors of the selected books of the year. The 27th event of this prize was recently done in February 2010. Details on this cultural event is available at the web site of the book of the year prize as: Based on the Dewey system, the selected books of the year are divided into 11 classes as: generalities, philosophy & psychology, religion, social sciences, applied sciences, arts, literature, history & geography, and children & juveniles, in 56 fields of study and 3 types of written, translated and corrected. The books are then evaluated by specialists from each discipline. More details about this event are available at
  2. Islamic Republic of Iran’s Book of the Season
It is a national festival which selects and introduces some outstanding books in each season of the year. The event for the selected books of each season is held in the next season, in which the author of the books are praised and awarded with excellent prizes. The intended works for this prize usually include books that have been published for the first time in the previous season and are evaluated in 56 different groups. From 2007, when this event was launched for the first time, it has regularly been held. Further information about this prize can be found at    
  3. Jalal Ale-Ahmad Literary Award
The event of this festival is held every year in Isfand 2, the same day as the birthday anniversary of this great leading writer . This festival assesses and selects works in literature in such forms as novel, long short story, short stories, literary criticism, documentary and historical works which have recently been published for the first time in the previous year. Details about this literary event can be found at
  4. Parvin Etesami Literary Award
It is a biennium prize assigned to books, which have been published for the first time, by innovative women writers in two age levels of adult and juveniles. This prize is for poetry, fiction, drama, and critiques books. Each two year when this event is held, a pioneer woman writer, and one foreign writer expert in Iranian literature are also officially eulogized. This prize is held every two year in the same day called after her name in her memorial. More information about this prize is accessible at
  5. First-step Literary Award
This prize is held in order to encourage young talented and immature writers. The main procedure is to evaluate the new works of young poets and writers who have for the first time published poems, short stories, novellas or have, alternatively, produced critical works related to religious subjects in two groups of children & juveniles and adults. This event is held every year in autumn under the authority of the book house in collaboration with one of the province’s capital city. Details about this literary event are can be found at
  6. The Book Criticism Festival
It is conducted in order to enhance the scope and potentialities of criticism in the country, also for helping the occasions of fair and intellectual criticism. During this festival specialists assess the articles whose subject is book-criticism, and have, in the year before conducting it, been published in different fields of generalities, literature, philosophy, social sciences, science & technology, history & geography, religion, arts, children and youngsters. In each occasion of this festival, one pioneer in the field, a young critic and an outstanding journal are also awarded. The Book Criticism Festival is held each year in November. Details about this event are to be found at


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